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"A" Digital Marketing Words Definition


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When you first start in digital marketing, you might have a lot of words thrown at you. you might be asking yourself, what does all these words mean? this blog post, video, and audio is designed to teach you the definitions of digital marketing words that begin with the letter "A." Next, I will teach you digital marketing words that begin with "B" all the way to "Z."

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A/B testing or split testing

What is A/B testing, what is split testing? A/B testing also known as split testing is when you compare two versions of a web page to see which one has the higher conversion rate. The one with the higher conversion rate is the winner. Usually, marketers compare landing pages.

Example of A/B testing, examples of split testing:



What is advertising? Advertising (Ads) is a type of marketing communication businesses typically use to promote their product or service with the intention of persuading the people receiving the ad to take some form of action like buying a product or signing up for a free membership site.


Examples of advertising is all the commercials you hear and see on tv, the products you hear your favorite podcaster promoting, the ads you see on social media sites, the ads you see on websites. All of these are examples of advertising.



What is marketing acquisition? Acquisition (as in cost of acquisition) is what it cost you to gain one new customer.

Example of cost of acquisition. So, if you are running an ad and it cost you $10 to generate one new email lead, and 1 out of 10 leads become customers. You might say that your cost of acquisition of one new lead is $10 while your cost of acquisition of one new customer is $100.

Ad copy

What is an ad copy? Ad copy is the words of the ads marketers create. So, when marketers create ads, they use words to convey the message they are trying to send to the customers. The words the marketers use to convey their message is called the ad copy.

Example of ad copy.



Ad creative

What is an ad creative? The ad creative is the image, gif, emoji, animation, the video, or the series of images the marketers use in their ads. The words the marketers use in their ads is call the ad copy and the visual element they use like image, is the ad creative.

Example of an ad creative


Ad exchange

What is ad exchange? Ad exchange is a digital platform that is used for  buying and selling of media advertising space through real time auctions. Historically, media ad space was sold through negotiating price on available ad space. Media could include display and video ads.

Ad network

What is an ad network? An ad network is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is an aggregation of ad supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser's demand. This could be television ad network, print ad network. Historically, humans need to talk to ad networks to negotiate a deal like an auction. Not anymore. Who needs humans anyway…just kidding!

Example of ad exchange and example of ad network: I have a website that I have space to run ads on, you have video or display ads that you want to show my audience. The duty of the ad network like google is to use an ad exchange platform like google ads to connect me and you.

So, there might be 5 people wanting to show ads on my website, all 5 people have to put in bids on how much they are willing to pay for the ad space available. Google ad exchange platform will combine different factors to determine whose ads to place on my available ad space and when to do it. This entire process all happens without humans talking to each other. All of these happens with technology.

In summary, google ad is the ad exchange platform and google is the ad network. Facebook is the ad network, and Facebook ad is the ad exchange platform. There are many different ad networks and ad exchange platforms, but these two are the biggest ones.

Ad pod

What is ad pod? Ad pod is combining multiple video ads together back to back during one ad break. This is more like the ads you will watch on cable tv, but this is for the digital world.

Example of ad pod: you are watching an awesome ProfessorEvidence video and a video ad pops up in the middle of your video (annoying I know), instead of the video ad  playing just one video, it will play 2 or 3 video ads at the same time back to back.

After all the different video ads are done playing, then the original video you were watching will continue to play. This is what ad pods are. Ad pod servers or networks make this possible in a digital world.

Ad server

What is an ad server? Wikipedia explains it best. "An ad server is a Web server that stores advertising content used in online marketing and delivers that content onto various digital platforms such as Websites, social media outlets and mobile apps. An ad server is merely the technology in which the advertising material is stored and is the means of distributing that material into appropriate advertising slots online.

Ad serving technology companies provide software to Websites and advertising companies to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the Web site or advertiser the most money and monitor the progress of different online advertising campaigns.

The purpose of ad serving is to deliver ads to users, to manage the advertising space of a Web site and, in the case of third party ad servers, to provide an independent counting and tracking system for advertisers/marketers.

Ad servers also act as a system in which advertisers can count clicks/impressions in order to generate reports, which helps to determine the return on investment for an advertisement on a particular Web page.

To recap ad network vs ad server vs ad exchange: ad network is the company that serves ads like google and Facebook, ad exchange is the platform that people use to buy ad and sell ads like Facebook ads and google ads. Ad server is the technology that takes the ads and puts them in the appropriate places like a website, search engine result page, social media pages and other spaces that ads are placed.

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Ad words match type:

What is ad words match type? In google AdWords, you can have control of what searches in the search engine will trigger your ads to show up. There are four types of AdWords match type:

  • Broad match type
  • Modified match type
  • Exact match type
  • Phrase match type
  • Broad Match Type:

what is broad match type? In this category, you want your ad to include any search that has certain key words.

Example of broad match type: If your keyword is "water bottle." with broad match type, your ad will show up for "hiking bottles" "coffee bottles" "women's water bottle", "Men's water bottle", "tea bottle." Your ad might also show up for any searches google determines is relevant to your keywords which includes keywords within a longer phrase.

The downside to this is that it is not very targeted, so your ad might show up to people who are not interested in what you have to offer which means you could potentially be wasting marketing dollars.

  • Modified broad match type:

what is modified broad match type? modified match type is similar to broad match type, but it is a little bit more targeted than just broad match type. But it is not as targeted as exact match type. So, in general, you will still be able to reach a broader targeted audience than exact or phrase match types.

  • Exact match type:

What is exact match type? With exact match type, you will only reach an audience that types in the exact words in your keyword.

Example of exact match type: This means that if your keyword is "how to wash water bottles using a dishwasher." your ad will only pop up when someone types in "how to wash water bottles using a dishwasher." nothing more and nothing less. With this approach, you will reach a smaller more targeted audience than every other match type. 

This might cause you more money, but the benefit is that your ad will only appear for people who are really interested in what you have to offer. Besides they are typing in the search bar and looking for your solution.

  • Phrase match type:

What is phrase match type? Phrase match offers some of the versatility of broad match, but like modified broad match, introduces a higher level of control. Your ad will only appear when a user queries your key phrase using your keywords in the exact order you enter them, but there might be other words either before or after that phrase.

This also includes something called a negative match type. What is negative match phrase? A negative phrase-match keyword allows you to exclude your ad for searches that include the exact keyword phrase. This match type works similarly to traditional search terms in that it will exclude the phrase. A negative keyword is designated as phrase match when quotations are used around the phrase.



What is an algorithm? Algorithms are complex mathematical specifications that can perform calculations, automated tasks, data processing, and they are used to pull search results from search engine index.

Example of algorithms: Google search algorithm like PageRank is used to rank websites in the search engine result page (SERP). PageRank is used to measure the importance of a a website's webpage.

Alt tag

What is alt tag? The alt tag is a description of the image for people that cannot view the image.

Example of alt tag: If you are using a screen reader, the screen reader will read the "alt tag" of the image which lets you know an image is there and what the image is about because the alt tag suppose to describe the image. If the image doesn't have an alt tag, then you won't know there is an image there. When you have slow internet connection, you might miss what the image is because there is no alternative tag to describe the image.


What is Marketing analytics? Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and scrutinizing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Marketing analytics allows for more efficiency and reduction of marketing cost.

Example of marketing analytics: marketers could measure email marketing performance. How many people opened the email, how many people clicked the link in the email, how many people purchased a product from a particular email.

Anchor text

What is anchor text? The text that is usually highlighted in blue that contains a link to some webpage. When you click on the text, you will be taken to the webpage hidden within the text.

Example of anchor text. The phrase FREE Digital Marketing Membership is highlighted in blue. When you look at it, it does not look like a link such as https://www.professorevidence.com/resource_redirect/landing_pages/370165

But when you click on the phrase above, it takes you to the link mentioned above https://www.professorevidence.com/resource_redirect/landing_pages/370165

Therefore, "FREE Digital Marketing Membership" is the anchor text for the hyperlink or just link https://www.professorevidence.com/resource_redirect/landing_pages/370165


What is an API? Application programming interface is a way for software programs  owned by different companies to talk to each other.

Example of API. Company B has a software called Bread, and company B has a software called crumbs. In order for bread and crumbs to communicate with each other and exchange some information, company B and Company C need to integrate each other's API.

This way, software Bread and Software Crumbs will be able to talk to each other and form bread-crumbs.

Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact. 

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Above the Fold (ATF)

What is Above the Fold (ATF)? Refers to where an ad is placed on a web page. Placement above the fold means the visitor can see the ad in a browser without having to scroll. Above the fold can refer to how your landing page for lead capture or how your ad appears on your browser.

If users have to scroll down to view all your landing page or ad, then your landing page or ad is NOT above the fold. But if all your landing page or ad fits on the browser screen especially in mobile devices without your users having to scroll down, then your lead generation landing page or Ad IS above the fold.



What is marketing attribution? A way of assigning an end result to a marketing effort. In marketing, attribution is the identification of a set of user actions that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then the assignment of a value to each of these events. 

Ad Auction

What is ad auction? Ad auctions is where to bid against other marketers to reach the same customers.

Auto-play videos

What is auto-play videos? Video that start playing without any user interaction. It usually start playing as soon as you land on the page where the video is hosted or embedded.

Average order value (AOV)

What is average order value (AOV)? Average order value (AOV) tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile app. Average order value (AOV) is usually calculated by dividing total revenue by the number of orders.

Average time on page

What is average time on page? Average time on page is how much time each visitor(s) is spending on each page(s) on your website. 

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