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"B" Digital Marketing Words Definition

B2B = Business to Business

What is B2B? What is Business to Business? Business to business is a business model where the primary customer of a business is another business. So, instead of businesses exchanging values such as products and services with consumers, they will exchange products and services with other businesses. 

B2C = Business to Consumer

What is B2C? B2C which stands for Business-to-Consumer is a business model where the direct customers of the business is the consumers of the product. The product or service goes directly from the business to the consumer with no middle man.

An example of B2C would be software companies like Kajabi, when you buy a product directly from the manufacturers website.

B2B2C = Business to Business to Consumer

What is business to business to consumer? This is a combination of B2B and B2C. This is a business model where businesses sell to other businesses(B2B) but the final consumer of the product or service is the consumers. So, the product goes from the original business to another business before going to the consumer.

Example of B2B2C. Retail companies like Wal-Mart. Businesses sell to Wal-Mart in bulk, and Wal-Mart sells to consumers. Pharmaceutical companies also does B2B2C because they sell their products to hospitals and other businesses and those hospitals and business sell the products to the consumers.

Backlink / Inbound link

what is a backlink/inbound links? Backlinks or inbound links are a form of off-page SEO where you earn links from other websites that direct readers to your own site. The person receiving the link is the one that refers to a link as a backlink. 

Example of backlinks/inbound links: Website A writes an article and link the article to website B. This means that website B is receiving inbound link from website A.

Banner ads

What is banner ads? Banner ad is a form of advertisement that entails placing image based ad on somebody else's website. These ads are designed to drive traffic to the landing page of the ad or to build brand awareness. This type of ad can also be classified as broadcast ads.

Broadcast ads

What are broadcast ads? Broadcast ads are ads designed to build brand awareness to let a particular audience know that your business, product, or service exists. They are not really designed to drive conversion, but rather they are designed like tv ads to drive consumer awareness.

Marketing Baseline

What is marketing baseline? Baseline is the starting point for something. For example, you can do a comparison between your new increase in website traffic due to an event you hosted vs your regular website traffic.

Your regular website traffic is your baseline. Your benchmark, your starting point, your minimum point. Typically, zero (0) is used as the baseline for a lot of things.

Behavioral targeting

What is behavioral targeting? User Information from browsing history, registrations, online purchases can be collected through data mining which is designed to find patterns in users digital behavior. This collected information can then be used to create ads that are more relevant to a user's interest.

So, instead of creating an ad that targets a general audience, marketers would create ads that targets people that has certain interests, behaviors, purchase pattern, browsing history. The ideology behind this is that users are shown ads and products or services that are more likely be of interest to them instead of showing them random ads that they don't care about.

Showing people ads around the things that interest them means that the ads will be more effective and have greater influence on them than ads about things that are of no interest to them.

Example of behavioral targeting: you could be searching for a new Samsung laptop on your browser. When you go on Facebook, you will see ads from different companies advertising their laptops.

Later in the day, you will go to read a blog about fishing and you will see a banner ad advertising a brand new laptop from a different company. Then you go on Instagram and you will see an ad for a new laptop from another company. Then you go on twitter and you see an ad from a different company advertising their new laptop.

Then one week later you visit a web page to get information and an ad for a new laptop pops up. Later that month, you go on YouTube to watch a cat video and a video ad about a new laptop plays either before, or after the video or in the middle of the video.

If you have ever experienced this before like I have, then behavioral targeting plus other factors is how ad networks know you are interested in a new laptop. Therefore, they show you ads related to your current interest.

Black hat SEO

What is black hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Black hat SEO are unethical and dishonest tactics used in SEO in an attempt to trick and mislead search engines to rank your webpages higher in search engine results page for certain keywords. These tactics usually result in severe penalty from search engines.

Examples of Black Hat SEO includes keyword cloaking, private link networks, keyword stuffing, just to name a few.


What is a blog? What is a Vlog?

Blog is what you are reading right now. A blog is a written piece of content visible on a webpage and is hosted on a website. This written piece of content is usually used to inform, entertain, engage with your audience. It is also used to build brand authority and generate traffic and sales.

What is blogging? And What is Vlogging? Blogging is the act of consistently creating a blog. A video blog is using videos to record the things you would normally say using written words. Those videos can be in support of your blog or they could be independent blogs. Video blogging is also known as Vlogging. 

Bounce rate

What is bounce rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your website after viewing only one page. This means that they viewed one page on your website and did not click around to any other page on the website.


What is a brand? A brand is all the things that sets a business or individual apart from its competitors. A brand could include the name, customer service, design, logo, features, products, services, character, believes, of a business. Brands are not just for businesses, individuals can also build what is called a "personal brand."

 A personal brand usually represents what you are known for, the type of audience you have, what you believe, the niche or community that you serve, the type of content you create, the products you promote, and any thing else that is publicly and privately associated with you and your name.

When it comes to businesses, you might hear things such as name brands or designer brands vs generic store brands. This simply means that the name brand is a brand known for a certain type of product or certain quality of products.

For example, Tesla brand is known for electric cars not just your everyday car. Contigo brand is known for high quality metal water bottles, not just your generic water bottle.

Brand ads

Now you know what a brand is, what exactly is brand ads? Brand advertisements are ads designed to create brand awareness as well as build long lasting relationships with your customers. When doing brand advertisements, you may want to include branded keywords.

Branded Keywords

So, what is branded keywords? Branded keywords are words or phrases that include any variation of your brand name. for example, if I wanted to do branded keywords for ProfessorEvidence brand, I might include things like EvidenceN, Evidence Nwangwa, Evidence Youtube, ProfessorE, ProfessorEvidence, you get the idea.

Those are the words and phrases somebody may use to search for my brand. The purpose of using branded keyword is to drive traffic to your website.


What is breadcrumb? Breadcrumb is a digital trail that usually displays above the content you are viewing. This digital trail is like a mini map that shows you exactly where you are on a website.

It usually tells you which page you are currently on a website and the last page you were in, and the trail might go as far back as the homepage depending on the website. This bread crumb is designed to help you track your own location on a webpage.

Below the fold?

For you to understand  below the fold, you have to understand above the fold.

What is Above the Fold (ATF)? Above the fold refers to where an ad is placed on a web page. Placement above the fold means the visitor can see the ad in a browser without having to scroll. Above the fold can refer to how your landing page for lead capture or how your ad appears on your browser.

If users have to scroll down to view all your landing page or ad, then your landing page or ad is NOT above the fold (It is BELOW THE FOLD (BTF)). But if all your landing page or ad fits on the browser screen especially in mobile devices without your users having to scroll down, then your lead generation landing page or Ad IS above the fold.

Here is an example of above the fold which will help you understand below the fold.

Business life-cycle

What is a business life-cycle? Business life-cycle refers to the different stages that a business goes through. Primarily, there are four stages.

  • The startup stage
  • The growth stage
  • The mature stage
  • The decline stage

The type of marketing you do for each stage of a business is different. So, before deciding on a marketing plan for a company, be sure to figure out which stage the business is in. To learn more about business life cycle, click here.

Business model

What is a business model? Business model details how a business creates value for its customer base, the products or services they will use to deliver that value, and how they will capture value for their business in terms of money (source(s) of income for the business.

Brand equity

What is brand equity? Brand equity means how much revenue a business generates from its products or services not because their product or service is better than the other brands, but rather because consumers have a high value perception of the brand. People buying stuff because the product is from a well known brand not because it is different or better than the exact same product from other lesser known brands.

Brand management

What is brand management? Brand management means strategizing, analyzing, and executing how a brand is perceived in the marketplace. This is mostly done through companies building quality solid relationship with their user base.

Most companies want to have good reputations among their user base. And good brand management could lead to better brand equity which could lead to larger revenue. Sometimes, what drives product price is not the product itself, but how consumers perceive the brand behind the product.

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