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"E" Digital Marketing Words Definition

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Earned content/media

What is Earned content/media? Earned media is generally categorized as content that people write or create about you without you paying for it.

This might include

  • another blogger blogging about you
  • A review video or article for your product or services
  • A major magazine writing about you or including you in their special list like forbes 40 under 40 list
  • Being interviewed for a podcast
  • Appearing on a news channel on tv
  • People tweeting about you, etc.

Email Attempted

What is Email Attempted? Whenever you send a mass commercial email, the number of messages that your email service providers tries to send out to your email subscribers is the number of emails attempted.

Email Bounced

What is Email Bounced? When an email message cannot be delivered to an email address, it's called a bounce. There are several reasons why emails bounce like a full mailbox or a wrong email address. You will be able to see the number of email that bounced and maybe the reason why the email bounced. 

Email click-through rate

What is Email click-through rate? When you send out an email with a link, CTR is the percentage of people who clicked the links in the email. This percentage is calculated by total people who clicked the email divided by how many people received the email * 100%.

Email clicked

What is Email clicked? When you send out an email, email clicked is how many times the email was clicked. Some people can click on an email 10 times which might skew your results. So, it is better to use an independent email link or just link tracking system that actually tells you how many UNIQUE clicks you got.

So, how many unique individuals clicked your email and not just the total click rate. One such tool is call "Click perfect." I have used it before. It is cheap and it is effective and it works and it gets the job done.

Email complained

What is Email complained? Whenever you send out a mass commercial email, email complained is how many people complained that your email is spam.

Email conversion rate

What is Email conversion rate? Email conversion rate is the number of people who took the action you wanted them to take vs the number of people who received the email. For example, if you sent out an email to 5000 people and only 100 people buy stuff from you, then your conversion rate would be 2%.

Here is the math.

  • Email sent. = 5000
  • Sales from email = 100
  • Conversion rate = 100/5000 = 0.02
  • Conversion percentage = 0.02*100 = 2.0%

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Email delivered

What is Email delivered? The number of email that actually hit your subscribers inbox as opposed to how many emails you sent. For example, you might have sent email to 5000 people, but only 4,675 people actually received the email.

Email marketing

What is Email marketing? Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. Every email that you send to your subscribers, customers, is email marketing. It could be sending them a receipt for their purchase, sending them a monthly newsletter, or sending them a thank you notice. All of it is considered email marketing.

Email open rate

What is Email open rate? Email open rate is how many people opened the email you sent to them. For example, if you send 5000 email, and 4000 people opened it. Your email open rate is 80%

Here is the math broken down.

  • Email sent. = 5000
  • Email opened = 4000
  • Email open rate = 4000/5000 = 0.8
  • Open rate percentage = 0.8*100 = 80%

Email unsubscribed

What is Email unsubscribed? Email Unsubscribed The number of people who unsubscribed from your email messages. Basically the number of people that said they do not want to receive messages from you any more. Everybody has the right to unsubscribe from any email list. It is their legal right and it is the law.

This is why you have to include an unsubscribe button or a clear path for people to opt out of your emails at the footer of your email message. Not including an option for people to unsubscribe is against the law and it will increase the number of spam complaints you get which could get your banned from email service providers. 

End action rate

What is End action rate? End action rate measures how effective your campaigns are at prompting your audience to complete a goal. Examples could include

  • Campaigns that result in a high number of leads or wins.
  • Campaigns that generate positive events like social engagements or contact requests.
  • A reduction in negative events like bounces and exits.

When you think of end action as a conversion activity, then examples include

  • sale,
  • a lead generated,
  • a download,
  • a video view,
  • a form completion,
  • A quiz taken
  • And much more.

Marketing Engagement

What is Marketing Engagement? Engagement in terms of marketing is when the audience interacts with a brand’s content. Interaction could be in the form of replying to an email the company sent.

In social media  landscape, engagement could mean sharing social media content, liking and commenting on social media content, re-twitting content, clicking a link that leads to outside the social network, commenting on a blog, video, podcast, etc.

In general, Digital marketing engagement is the digital interaction between an audience and a brand or person.

Marketing Entrances

What is Marketing Entrances? In Google Analytics, the number of times visitors entered your site through a specific page or set of pages.

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Email Service Provider (ESP)

What is Email Service Provider (ESP)? An email service provider (ESP) is a company that offers email marketing or bulk email services. When you want to send an email to 5000 people, you cannot use your gmail or yahoo email account. This is because personal email providers like google and yahoo will block your email because they think it is spam and you won’t be able to send your email.

With ESPs, you can send an email to 5000 people with the click of a button. Examples of ESPs include

  • Constant contact
  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • Aweber
  • And many more

Marketing Exit %

What is Marketing Exit %? Exit % is the number of people that exit from a particular webpage of set of webpages in your website.

It is calculated by the (Number of exits)/(number of pageviews) for each page or pages.

In simple terms, exit % is how many people left your website from this particular page or from this set of webpages.

External website links

What is External website links? Links that point from other domains to your website or from your domain to other people’s website.

For example, If another website puts a link on their website that links to your website, then this is considered an external link also known as inbound links.

In the same fashion, if you put a link on your website that sends your visitors to other people’s website, this is also an external link.

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