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Kajabi Vs WordPress: Blogging and 16 differences to consider

digital marketing Feb 20, 2019

So, you might be stuck wondering whether to use kajabi for your blog and digital publishing needs or whether you should use WordPress for your blog and digital publishing needs.

Well, in this blog post, I will share with you everything you need to know about each platform. I am speaking from experience. I have used both platforms before. I first used WordPress for many different sites before I switched completely to Kajabi.

And I know putting all your eggs in one basket in terms of having my blog and digital publishing content on one platform may not be a good idea, but I trust Kajabi and I feel like it is reliable. Actually, I trust Kajabi more than I trust WordPress. Let’s dive in.

These are the main points that would be covered in this blog post.

  1. SEO
  2. Video blog
  3. Social sharing
  4. Editing
  5. Ease of use
  6. Promotes your digital publishing business
  7. Security
  8. No plugins
  9. Updates are done behind the scenes
  10. Strong support by Kajabi
  11. Speed
  12. User friendly
  13. Mobile responsive
  14. Functionality
  15. Custom domain
  16. Digital Publishing


  1. Search Engine Optimization - SEO:

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is how people are able to find you and your content when they type in a request on search engines like Google. In Kajabi, performing SEO for your blog is very easy, fast, and straightforward. Right below where you post your content for your blog, you have a section dedicated to SEO. You just have to fill out the required information and your blog will be SEO ready. You can enter SEO information directly on the blogging page

In WordPress, you do not have the option of entering SEO information directly on the blogging page. This feature is only available with select themes and those themes are very expensive. For you to have easy access to enter SEO information, you need to use a special kind of expensive theme. Once you change themes or delete your SEO optimized theme, your SEO information is removed with the old theme or deleted all together. Doing SEO in WordPress is not easy, fast, and straightforward.

This is what the SEO section of Kajabi blog looks like, WordPress does not have this option naturally. You might find a few themes that have similar options, but those themes are dime a dozen, difficult to find, and quite expensive in the range of $200 plus for you to purchase the theme.


  1. Video Blog:

What is video blog? Instead of just blog with written words, You can create blog posts and also have a video embedded. This video can be there to support your blog.

In WordPress, if you want to include any type of video into your blog, you cannot easily upload a video directly into your blog. If you want to embed a YouTube or Facebook video, you have to use a plugin to accomplish this mission.

In kajabi, you can easily upload a video into your blog up to 4GB without using any special plugin. You can also embed a YouTube video and a Facebook video without a plugin.

  1. Social Sharing:

In both kajabi and Wordpress, you and your readers can easily share your blog posts to various social media sharing platforms. There is not much difference in the blog sharing capabilities of both platforms.

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  1. Editing a blog:

Editing a blog in Kajabi is much better than editing a blog in WordPress. In Kajabi, you can have direct access to the source code, so that if you know HTML & CSS and wants to edit the source code of your blog, you can do that easily without using any special plugins. In Kajabi, you have access to a lot of word processing editing options that are not available in WordPress.

Shown below is a picture of a WordPress content editing options.


Shown below is a picture of a Kajabi content editing options.

5. Ease of Use:

Both Kajabi and WordPress blogs are easy to use. Click here for step by step guide on how to post a blog in Kajabi or just watch the tutorial YouTube video showing you how to post a blog in Kajabi.

  1. Brand and business promotion.

Which platform should you use to sell your digital products and create content to promote your digital products?

If you sell digital products, you know that trying to sell your digital products with WordPress is a nightmare. That is why a lot of people choose Kajabi to sell their digital products. Having a blog in your niche adds to your credibility as an expert and someone who is trustworthy. It shows your audience that you are not a fluff and you are not a one hit wonder. Blogging also generate free traffic from google. More traffic to your website also means more chances of generating more sales.

If you are hosting your digital products with another platform like kajabi while writing your blogs in WordPress, guess what, your WordPress website will be generating all the traffic even though you are selling your digital product on a different site, this reduces your chances of making new sales from free traffic.

When somebody visits the site that is hosting your digital product and your blog post is hosted on a different site, since your blog is not on the same website as your digital products, many new visitors won't know that you have a blog, they won't see any proof that you are an expert in your field, thereby automatically reducing your brand and digital product credibility.

The point is, having your blog on the same website as your digital product helps add credibility to your brand, helps you generate more sales through free traffic and makes your life and your visitor's life easier. Kajabi is the only platform that allows you to host your digital products as well as host your blog.

The option to have all your digital products and blog hosted on one website is not available with WordPress without using a million different plugins. The problem with hosting your digital products using plugins is that it may or may not work, it is a hassle, difficult to work with, you can't upload videos directly (you have to upload videos on YouTube or another platform before using the video on WordPress), the plugin creator might kill it tomorrow, it is excruciatingly painful and frustrating to duct tape everything together in order to get it to play nice with other plugins and have everything working properly.

  1. Security:

The Kajabi platform is very secure. WordPress on the other hand, has always been susceptible to malicious attacks. Not only that, using different plugins exposes you to more threats and increases your security risk. To combat this constant security risk, you have to download yet another plugin just for security reasons.

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With Kajabi, you literally have no security concerns because the people at Kajabi take care of everything behind the scene. You will have peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing that your website and blog is safe and secure from malicious bot and human attacks.

  1. Plugins, Plugins, Plugins:

Well, in Kajabi, there are absolutely no plugins needed to get anything done. You don't need plugin for blogging, for SEO, for sharing on social media, for security, for adding and embedding YouTube, Facebook and any other video, for optimizing your website, for anything at all, YOU DON'T NEED ANY PLUGINS.

In WordPress on the other hand, in order for you to do anything even if it is as simple as blogging, you need a plugin. Remember what I said earlier about security risk of plugins? Yeah. WordPress is plugin city.

  1. Updates: Not keeping your website up to date is a big security hazard.

With Kajabi, you NEVER have to worry about updating your site because all updates are done behind the scene.

With WordPress on the other hand, you have to constantly update your website with the newest and latest WordPress version. With new WordPress version, you run into problems where the new WordPress version does not work with the plugins and themes you have because your plugins and themes have not been updated by the developer who created it.

You have to constantly update the different plugins that you have as well as the different themes that you have. With every update, you have to carry your heart in your hands and hope that this update won't break something or break your site.

You have to worry that if you update this plugin, the functionality won't break, your website won't break, the plugin will still work with the theme, the plugin will still work with the other plugins, and hopefully the new plugin update won't carry a malicious virus that will destroy your site. The same worry goes for updating themes, and the same worry goes for updating to the newest WordPress version.

  1. Support:

Kajabi has a strong support system in place to help you with anything you need. They have blogs and videos designed to teach anything you need to know about kajabi. Just click here to access the support website.

Inside the members area, you can just click on help and you will have instant access to somebody who can help you with anything immediately no matter the time of day or what question you have. Kajabi support personnel is so supportive that they will stay with you for as long as possible until your problem is resolved. I am speaking from personal experience. If you don't want to chat immediately, you can also send them an email.

With kajabi, you have 3 ways to receive help, by going to the support website, chatting directly with kajabi, or sending them an email. The benefit of having a dedicated support website is that you can find the answers to all your questions in one place instead of spending hours searching around the internet for the answers to your questions.

The benefit of having chat support is that you can talk to a human being to help you solve your problem instantly without having to search for the answer on the web or on the support website. With the chat support system, anything that is not on the support website can be answered by a real human in real time. And of course, if your problem is not urgent, you can drop them an email.

Click here to sign up for a 28 days free trial of kajabi instead of the regular 14 free days trial. Double your free trial today!!!.

WordPress support. WordPress has a large online community, but you don't have one website dedicated to answering all your WordPress questions and most importantly, you don't have access to instant human support through chat. You have to spend some time searching all over the internet for you to find the answers to your questions. You definitely can't send an email to WordPress team with your personal question that is specific to your site. Although the WordPress online community support is large, it is not convenient, fast, and reliable.

  1. SPEED

Kajabi is very fast, with kajabi, speed is the least of your worries. Everything from backend to frontend is fast. 

With WordPress, you have to worry about speed and performance. If your website is very slow, your visitor will leave your website and you will have a high bounce rate which will send a signal to google saying that your website is bad/slow. There are a number of things that can slow down your website.

These things include using too many plugins can slow down your site, the theme you are using can slow down your site, and most importantly, where you are hosting your WordPress website can be the major contributing factor to how slow or fast your WordPress website would be. Website speed in WordPress can be greatly affected by different things.

  1. User Friendliness.

The back end of kajabi is very straightforward and user friendly and everything has an explanation attached to it. Once you log on, you don't need much explanation or hand holding, you can just jump in and start using everything.  Finding anything you are looking for is one click away.

The backend of WordPress is easy but not so user friendly and straightforward. If you have never used WordPress before, you can't just jump in and start using it. Somebody has to first teach you how to use it or alternatively you have to spend hours and days teaching yourself how to use it. Sometimes finding what you are looking for can lead to enormous frustration and even anger.

  1. Mobile responsiveness.

Majority of people access the internet from their mobile devices, so it is crucial to make sure your website is optimized for mobile users. WordPress can be mobile responsive or not mobile responsive based on which theme you use. Kajabi is mobile responsive no matter what.

  1. Expanded functionality beyond core values.

This is one area that WordPress shines. With WordPress and its mountain of plugins, you can build almost anything your heart desires.

With kajabi, you are limited by the core values of the platform. The core values of the platform include building a website, landing pages, email marketing, sales funnel, online courses, membership sites, blogs, analytics of your website, quizzes, forms, and other cool stuff that it can do.

  1. Custom domain.

With both WordPress and kajabi, you can have your own custom domain.

  1. Online course, membership sites, ebooks, digital products, digital publishing.

Kajabi is the KING of DIGITAL PUBLISHING. The Master of Digital Commerce. Everything you need to accomplish your digital publishing needs is found inside of Kajabi.

With Kajabi, you can create online courses, e-books, membership sites, quizzes/assessments/surveys, forms, you can store email address and send email campaigns from inside kajabi. You don't need a third-party email marketing provider to use kajabi. You can connect any third email marketing provider such as mail chimp to it, but that is not necessary.

Inside kajabi, you can also do drip email campaigns, set up automations, drip online courses and even lock some courses until a previous course is finished. You can build websites, landing pages, funnels, events, email automation, collect payments, no transaction fees, video hosting, content dripping, tagging people any way you want, lead capture and many other things.

With WordPress, you cannot build a proper digital publishing site. Even if you try to build a proper digital publishing site, you will pull your hair out because it is a complete nightmare. You will have to buy so many different plugins, glue so many things together, and even after all that, the chances that things will look right and work right is slim to none.

You cannot do email marketing inside of WordPress. You have to connect a third-party email service provider to WordPress if you want to do anything related to email. No email automation no landing pages, no funnels, no events, no collecting payments, no online courses, no membership sites, no surveys and quizzes, no forms, no video hosting, no content dripping, no tagging people that sign up for newsletter, no doing anything unless you assemble a mountain of plugins.


There you have it. A full comparison between kajabi and WordPress. If there is anything else you want me to address in this comparison that I missed, please let me know in the comments section below.

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Let me know what you think of this post below in the comment section.


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