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How to Build Long Term Wealth

The rich get richer because they make their money work for them...


The poor get poorer because they spend their whole lives working for money.

The rich understands how money works and how the economy actually works. (Not the type of economics they teach you in school).

The poor doesn't understand how money works, so they stick to the status quo.

The rich produce and create for the masses, the poor consumes what is produced for the masses.

The poor are productive members of society, but they don't produce and create for the masses.

They rich invests in themselves in any way possible, the poor sees self-investment as a waste of money and time.

The rich knows broke is a temporary state of being, the poor sees broke as a lifestyle.

The rich knows the goal is to be rich even if you don't look rich, the poor thinks the goal is to look rich to please people.

The rich exchanges value for money, the poor exchanges time for money.

The rich learn and adapt quickly, the poor stick to what they know.

The rich listens to the voices inside them and follows their guts, the poor live their lives based on other people's opinions and expectations.

The rich sees money as a tool to buy things like time, freedom, life necessities, the poor sees money as a lifeline.

The rich explore and live outside the status quo, the poor do everything to live and remain within the status quo.

The rich does what is hard and what everybody else doesn't want to do. The poor do what is easy. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

The rich understand they have unlimited potential, the poor limit their potential.

The poor thinks the only way to be rich is by winning the lottery, being greedy, or through inheritance.

The rich knows the only way to go from nothing to something is to have the right mindset, work harder than everybody else, work smarter than everybody else, shake yourself free from the status quo, exchange value instead of time for money, invest in yourself and your future, make your money work for you instead of working for money your whole life, and many other things.

The Rich has vision and they see the future and what is possible and work towards it. The poor has sight and they only see now and what is in front of them, therefore they don't work towards a better future.

The rich dream dreams and visualize those dreams becoming a reality. They wake up every morning and do something to work towards that dream becoming a reality. The poor has no dreams, they only think and work towards getting by every day.

The poor thinks being born into poverty means you will be poor forever, the rich knows being born into poverty is an opportunity to start a new generation of building wealth.

The poor are willing to live in misery and be miserable all their life's in exchange for money. The rich is in pursuit of happiness. (Being rich doesn't mean you are happy and being poor doesn't mean you are sad).

Poor people think that to be rich, you have to be a millionaire. Rich people know to be rich is not about how much money you have, but rather how happy you are combined with your personal definition of being rich and wealthy.

Poor people try to increase their income through vertical income growth (getting a promotion, making more money at a new or better job, or simply climbing the income ladder).

Rich people try to increase their income through horizontal income growth. Building multiple streams of income and working towards adding zeros to the end of their paycheck.

Poor people focus on instant gratification, rich people deploy patience because they understand that slow and steady wins the race.

Poor people focus on making an income, rich people focus on building income generating assets. 

Poor people see retirement as a certain age. Rich people see retirement as how much money you have in the bank to support your lifestyle if you were to retire.

Poor people depend on others to make a living, rich people depend on themselves to make a living.

Some people think if I am part of this religion, then I don't need to be rich. I need to be poor and I deserve to be poor.

Some people despite their religion understand that being rich is not a sin or against the law.

Some people think being poor is an honor and well deserved and something to be extremely proud of.

Some people think poverty is a disease that needs to be cured.

Some people think they are able to give and bless the world to their full potential, but they don't realize that you can't give what you don't have.

The poor thinks they only way to be rich is to own a business, the rich knows owning a business is not the only way to be rich.

Poor people think "I can never be rich because of this, this, and this." The rich knows and thinks "no matter where I am in life now or my current and past circumstances, I can be wealthy and rich."

The poor thinks "I don't care about money, money is for greedy people, money doesn't matter, money can't buy you everything."

The people that say things like these are usually the ones that desperately need money more than everyone else.

The rich understands that money doesn't buy everything in life. Money is not the importance of life, but money affects everything important in life.

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